Wednesday, January 11, 2006

State of gasoline alternatives

Here's a good summary of where automakers are (as of the latest LA and Detroit shows) in offering autos that use fuels other than gasoline in the US. No mention of Volkswagen and its current fleet of diesels (TDIs), but I guess that's because VW hasn't had any interesting news lately.


Mike said...

Here's a real summary of where we are:

Jetta TDI versus Civic Hybrid from CR

Don't trust AutoBlog; they're a haven for FUD about hybrids.

Bruce Geerdes said...

Curiously enough, someone mentioned the same article in the Autoblog comments. I haven't followed Autoblog enough to know what its editorial stance, if any, is regarding hybrids.

I do have one complaint with the link you referenced. The Prius is "considerably larger than the Civic or Jetta"? I assume this is referencing the Jetta sedan, as the Jetta wagon has a lot more cargo capacity. (34 cu. ft. standard & 52 cu. ft. maximum vs. Prius' 16 cu. ft. maximum according to Edmunds.)

Or maybe the comment is referring to the Prius' greater rear leg room?