Friday, January 13, 2006

Pornification, Jon Stewart and Walter Cronkite

In an essay bemoaning the "pornification of public spaces and narratives" comes this testimony of a father watching Jon Stewart's Daily show with his 9-year-old daughter:

“Came the bit about the gay male escort/model who’d mysteriously gotten White House press clearance torepresent a Republican-funded online ‘news’ service and lob the president softball questions. The show flashed a photo from the escort service’s website showing the man naked, spread-eagled, his genitals blurred. [...] I don’t want to beat up on Stewart; I’m a liberal. Maybe I should have used better judgment, but, man, my parents never had to think about jumping up and shielding my eyes when we watched Walter Cronkite.”

When has Jon Stewart ever come close to approaching Walter Cronkite? Yes, yes, yes, I completely agree with how sick/sad it is the amount of commercial sex that exists in today's media. But guess what, if you're a consumer you're a part of the problem.

This guy doesn't want to beat up on Stewart ... no kidding! He's buying what Stewart is selling. Why does he think shows like Stewart's are being broadcast instead of shows like Cronkite's? Because he's watching them! You want to change the world? Turn the television off. Stop consuming trash.

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