Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The NY Times had an article about people registering domains and setting up email boxes for their babies.

"Why would anyone do that?" asked Donna M. Stewart, an aspiring artist who lives in Seattle and heard about the baby e-mail fad from a friend. "That's like getting e-mail for your dog."

Ms. Stewart, who has a dog, added that while it seemed understandable to post photographs on a Web site, "nobody's going to actually e-mail the baby." She added, "I just thought that's absurd."

(She confessed, though, that she sometimes sends e-mail messages to friends from the point of view of her dog, a mixed-breed shepherd, whom she declined to name.)

One of the things the article discussed was people doing this because they thought all the good domains will be taken in the future. So it's something of a land grab to get that "valuable real estate" for your kid before someone else gets it. This is what all the domain registrars want you to think anyway! It's a bit silly. If you haven't noticed, there are new domain extentions being created all the time. Yes, there was a time when the only domain extension the newly internetted AOL'rs knew was ".com" but that shouldn't be a problem in the future. And I imagine domain extensions will be even more diverse in 10 or 20 years.

A trend in the article subjects seemed to be getting domains in the form "firstnamelastname.extension". So then you have emails in the form "firstname@firstnamelastname.extension". I've always been a fan of domains in the form "lastname.extension" so you can have emails in the "firstname@lastname.extension" and web URLs "http://firstname.lastname.extension".

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Eric said...

And just imagine... When your baby is all grown up and you gift them with their very own mail box, they can log on and collect the 13 billion spam messages that have accumulated.