Tuesday, January 10, 2006

President under the law?

Mark Steyn doesn't think we should be making a big deal of the President bugging Americans' phone calls.

The arthritic $44 billion intelligence bureaucracy is insisting it still needs another five to 10 years to have a clandestine service capable of infiltrating al Qaida operations in the field, but, while we're waiting, don't think of using that $44 billion to keep tabs on their phone calls, because the Dems will impeach you.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 64 percent of Americans believe the National Security Agency should be allowed to intercept telephone conversations between terrorist cells overseas and persons living in the United States; 23 percent disagree. What is it the Democrats and media don't get about this? (Chicago Sun-Times)

What is it that Mark Steyn doesn't get about the President and his administration needing to follow the law? Polls are irrelevent. The President is either authorized to do these wiretaps or he's not. Whether or not his actions are impeachable has nothing to do with opinion polls and everything to do with what the law is. If the law is too restrictive it needs to be changed, not ignored.

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