Monday, January 30, 2006

Edit Wikipedia, get caught

Members of US Representative Martin Meehan's staff edited his Wikipedia entry, deleting (among other things) a reference to a broken campaign pledge. (Meehan promised to limit himself to 4 terms -- he is now on his 7th.) Now, instead of this bit of knowledge being limited to those who were around in 1992 and those who somehow stumbled onto his Wikipedia entry, the whole world knows! He's got to love this bit of extra publicity he's getting.

From the Wikipedia entry:

On the House floor in 1995 he scolded members who might go back on their promise to limit their tenure in office. "The best test of any politicians' credibility on term limits," he said, "is whether they are willing to put their careers where their mouths are and limit their own service." In the year 2000 when the Congressman ran for Congress, breaking his 1992 pledge, he called it a disservice to his constituents who continued to want him to be their Congressman.

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