Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Secondhand Windows

Security consultant A.J. Reznor points out that every major worm other than the original Morris Worm from 1988 has leveraged a hole in Microsoft products. Reznor refuses to work with Microsoft products but still actively loathes the company because his network becomes "saturated with crap flying out of [Windows] machines." Spammers route their junk through MS machines infected with a trojan -- a harmful computer program disguised as an innocuous one -- that turns these machines into "zombies." "Even if we don't use them, we suffer from them," he says. "Kind of like secondhand smoke." (Adam L. Penenberg)

Yup. My employer does not use any Microsoft software yet our email slows down during major virus outbreaks due to the volume of email being sent to us by infected machines. I can't imagine how 100% Windows shops manage to operate under those conditions.

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