Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yahoo Mail spam

Yahoo Mail recently added technology that supposedly authenticates a sender is sending from the address in the header. The problem is that they often get it wrong! I've gotten plenty of spam that, when sent to Spamcop, is found to be from a completely different domain.

So what is my main beef with this? When Yahoo Mail thinks it's successfully authenticated the source of the mail, that mail lands in my Inbox instead of the spam folder. So while I may not be getting more spam, it's more bothersome. And the real kicker? All of this new spam in my Inbox says it's being sent from "". And Yahoo Mail says it's verified that it's from ""! Something is wrong when an email provider can't even correctly verify that it sent an email.

So what is the solution? I set up a filter that removes anything sent (supposed or real) from "" from my Inbox. Problem solved! Every single piece of email I get from "" is spam. Kind of sad, eh?

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