Thursday, April 13, 2006

Colorado governor vetoes school junk food law

Speaking of school junk food, Colorado's governor, Bill Owens, just vetoed legislation that would have required "at least half of a school vending machine be stocked with nutritious choices".

Owens, a confessed McDonald's junkie, said he's not anti-apple. He just "cannot support legislation that micromanages school districts and their policies," he wrote in the veto letter released Wednesday.

Responded Democratic House Majority Leader Alice Madden of Boulder, the sponsor of House Bill 1056: "It's interesting the author of CSAPs is worried about local control." She was referring to the mandatory Colorado Student Assessment Program tests.


In his veto letter, Owens pointed out that the Capitol's vending machines contained only three snacks that "might be considered 'healthy."' That led his spokesman to say the bill was "hypocritical." (Denver Post)

Wow. If the guidance we give to kids is to be limited by our "hypocrisy", what are we doing telling them anything?

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