Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Firefox & Safari browers gain market share

AppleInsider is reporting that both the Firefox and Safari (for Mac) browsers have gained market share.

Although it maintains its standing as the No. 3 browser on the Internet, a recent market share report by Net Applications shows Apple's WebKit-based Safari to have garnered a 3.19 percent share in March, an increase of 1.81 percent from last year.

During the same time period, Microsoft's Internet Explorer saw its market share slip over 3 percent, from 88 percent down to 84.70 percent. FireFox -- the only other browser to succeed Safari in the rankings -- appears to have benefitted the greatest from Explorer's slump, posting a near 3 percent gain to 10.05 percent market share, up from 7.38 percent a year ago.

It should not be too surprising to hear that the Seventh Leper readership is even more progressive. Recent browser marketshare on this blog:

IE 6.0: 66%
Firefox: 18%
Safari: 14%
Mozilla/Netscape: 2%
Konquerer: 1%


eric said...

Given the horrid number of ways that IE can leave you with a doorstop for a computer, it's amazing to me that it still has such high market share at all. It goes to show you that at least 83% of computer users still have no idea at all what they are doing... And sadly, that number includes tech "professionals."

Bruce Geerdes said...

Just goes to show how hard it is to fight against a "default" browser. Most people don't care enough to install something different.

Heck, I see a little bit of that in myself. There are a couple things that annoy me about Safari (the Mac default), but I guess they haven't been bad enough for me to switch to Firefox.

Of course if Safari had the security weaknesses that IE has, the thought of people easily taking over my computer might make me care. ;)