Friday, February 03, 2006

To err

The only direction given me by my father I believe to have been decidedly wrong was his advice to err on the side of conservatism. This has always been a temptation for me, for it has the sound of good advice, and taken to heart, would save one from the innumerable follies of “liberals.” But it is not Christian, and is no better than the advice always to err on the liberal side. It is what caused the Pharisees' blindness. I believe the narrow path Christ has marked out for us is to err on neither side, but to think and do the right thing at all times with his leading, for this is what he offers us with the Gift of his Spirit. Erring (and make no mistake, we all do it) on one side or the other is simply sin, which must be repented of before our footing on the Way is regained.

S. M. Hutchens

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