Friday, February 10, 2006

Small minded elitism

we should not cater to small mindedness on the Right or on the Left. The prejudice of many people on the Left against religious and spiritual people, the view that they must necessarily be on a lower level of intellectual or psychological development if they believe in God, is a view that is elitist and destructive.

We need to make that kind of elitism as unwelcome in the Left as we once had to make sexist or homophobic approaches to the world. [...]

Leftists have to decide if they are more attached to winning peace, justice, and environmental sanity in the world -- in which case they need to make hostility to religion and spirituality an unwelcome sentiment on the Left -- or if they are more attached to their cynicism and elitism and ability to laugh at or ridicule those who hold on to a religious and spiritual vision of the world.

Michael Lerner on laughing with Bill Maher.


Anonymous said...

I like your opinions and points of view. Isn't it strange that a term like "homophobic" has made it into the mainstream? I'm not sure it's really being used correctly, but was crafted as a lable on anyone who does not agree with what that segment of the population has to say.

Bruce Geerdes said...

Yes. I do think homophobes exist but to throw the label at anyone who simply disagrees with a lifestyle is to devalue the term until it is meaningless.