Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New American VW minivan

OK, I'm not the target audience for minivans (I hate them), but still.

Volkswagen has two interesting minivans in Europe: the Touran and the Sharan:

The Touran actually looks half decent. At least it looks like a Volkswagen! But what does America get? The Routan.

Looks like a Chrysler? You don't say. It is. Blah.

I guess we can't expect much more given the weak dollar. (It's much cheaper to build a model in America for sale in America.) But still.

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Václav Patrik Šulik said...

I know. But I'll tell you, my wife's Toyota Sienna is a dream to drive, plus it gets fairly good gas mileage (real time = 22 or 23 each fill-up). And it is usually carrying at least 4 passengers (many times, the full 8). My wife's aunt drove it and she turned around and sold her Cadilac and bought one -- and its just for two people (plus it gets better gas mileage than a caddy). I drive the 96 Civic and that's what we use for 3 passenger or less trips (or 4 passenger if it's a longer trip and the kids can tolerate one another).