Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big business "conservatism"

Rod writes:

It's a fairly common belief among the left, I find, that big business is conservative. It's a total myth -- if by "conservative" you're talking about moral and cultural issues. A reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog writes in to talk about how big business in Indiana got behind a successful move to defeat a state gay marriage ban. This is not surprising in the least. Corporations are quite progressive, in general, on issues related to race, ethnicity, gender and homosexuality. They conclude that doing so is good for business, which is ultimately their bottom line.

I guess the only thing I'd say differently is that corporations are now quite progressive. Since their interest is the bottom line, it shouldn't be surprising that it used to help the bottom line to be culturally conservative. But it is silly to continue to label them so.

Reminds me how it's also silly to call the Republican party "pro-family".

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