Tuesday, May 22, 2007

US muslims & suicide bombings

If you read a story that said 25% of younger and 13% of all US Muslims think suicide bombings are justified in some circumstances and that 5% have a favorable view of al-Qaida, what headline would you pick?

Most U.S. Muslims reject suicide bombings (AP) *

Oh. Well. That's a relief!


* Disclaimer: Headline may have changed since I posted this. Let me know!


Update Already happened! It's now "Some US Muslims justify suicide attacks".


Update And this regarding how many Muslims view al-Qaida favorably:

a significant number of Muslims -- 19 percent of 18-29s, 29 percent of over 30s -- declined to answer that question one way or the other; if you held an unfavorable opinion of al-Qaeda, why wouldn't you say so? (Rod Dreher)

I'm thinking the number of Muslims who view al-Qaida favorably is somewhat higher than 5%.

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