Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Subsidizing billionaires II

Another city may lose a sports team in 2010: New Orleans. The Saints' lease of the Superdome ends in 2010. There's lots of talk of the owner going to greener pastures unless someone (read: government) coughs up a lot of money to stay.

The Saints face formidable obstacles. Not the least is whether local and state governments, with enormous rebuilding priorities, can, or should, help finance a new stadium or let Benson move elsewhere.


“We hope to sit down with the team and discuss an extension beyond 2010, and that would include inducement payments,” said Larry Roedel, counsel to the Louisiana Sports and Exposition District, a state-appointed commission that oversees the Superdome and other facilities. “I don’t know if they’ll want more than what they’re getting.”

Imagine that. With all the ways money could be spent rebuilding New Orleans, hiring better cops, and so on, we may see millions given to one man, who's already pretty well off, thank you. Wait and see.

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