Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christian Coalition base

Just when I was afraid the Christian Coalition might become relevent ...

The Rev. Joel Hunter, pastor of a nondenominational megachurch in Longwood, Fla., said he resigned as the coalition's incoming president because its board of directors disagreed with his plan to broaden the organization's agenda. In addition to opposing abortion and same-sex marriage, Hunter, 58, wanted to take on such issues as poverty, global warming and HIV/AIDS.

"My position is, unless we are caring as much for the vulnerable outside the womb as inside the womb, we're not carrying out the full message of Jesus," he said in a telephone interview yesterday. "They began to think this might threaten their base or evaporate some of their support, and they said they just couldn't go there." (Washington Post)

Hey CC, listen to the man. You have the chance to put "the full message of Jesus" into your agenda (which is, funny, what I thought Christians would want). If all your "base" is concerned with is abortion and gay marriage (oh, and capital gains tax cuts), you will become even more irrelevant than you already are. Young evangelicals are waking up to the idea that there's more to the Christian life than protecting your stock gains and harping on other's sex lives (much as the latter may need harping on).

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