Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Debilitating effects of a welfare society

I love it when I'm around the country club, and I hear people talking about the debilitating effects of a welfare society. At the same time, they leave their kids a lifetime and beyond of food stamps. Instead of having a welfare officer, they have a trust officer. And instead of food stamps, they have stocks and bonds.

Warren Buffett


Anonymous said...

The Medicare/Medicaid/ government assistance programs and how its abused.

I have elderly parents. My Mom is handicapped; my Dad is in better health than she. I’m very fortunate that she gets home health care twice a week. My parents do not have Medicaid because they each make seven dollars too much on their SSI checks. Between them their SSI checks total $1,100.00. Looking into getting them more home health, I found out there are thousands of Seniors in this “window” that make just a few dollars too much to qualify for Medicaid. My parents have to pay a percentage to go to the doctor. The new drug program has helped a lot, because they were paying full cost of their medicines before. They need glasses & teeth/dentures, which Medicare does not pay. My parents need daily health care, but do not qualify. The thing is my Dad has worked since he was a young boy. My Mom worked as well, but became a housewife when she was married. My Dad paid both their Social Security and paid all their “points.” so they could qualify. When he retired from being a Carpenter, he was told that’s all they qualified for just SSI & Medicare. Yes, worked all his life, paid all his dues and did not qualify for full government assistance. I wanted a lift chair recliner for my Mom; I was told she did not qualify; again my mother is handicapped. She is not considered totally handicapped, so she is not qualified for a lot of programs. I asked the state to get my parents help through a program called the Elderly Adult Wavier Program, the representative told me there was a waiting list and that they just started on the 2003 applications. I know someone is going to tell me to put my parents in a nursing facility. Who really wants to do that to their parents? Anyway, their SSI will not cover the cost of being in a facility and I will have to come up with the rest. I work and I do not make that much money. I can hardly make it on my own. My concerns are: why pay SSI all your life and depend on that for your future? Why some that never worked, never paid anything into the system have full government benefits such as, SSI, Food Stamps, HUD, WIC, total Medicare/Medicaid, how could that be? They can get their Welfare check, one check for each child until they are eighteen, meds, vision, dental care, home care, home care products, nursing facilities, all free. Why? What did my parents do wrong? Can anyone tell me? Can anyone tell me how someone on welfare can have free dental work and have gold teeth? My Mom can’t even get new dentures and here some teenager on welfare with gold teeth. How can you be on welfare, have food stamps and have a Cadillac with $3,000.00 rims? Trust me I have seen it. I worked in a retail chain store. I have seen it everyday.

It just scares me to think what will it be like when I get to retire, what benefits the government give me? Nothing! I advise everyone to start immediately saving for your future. Unless you were born with the “gold spoon” you need to take care of your future. My Father was once told by person at the Medicare office to get a legal separation, that way they could receive their benefits. Go figure.

A Not So Proud American
Keith Graham,

Bruce Geerdes said...

Sorry to hear about your parents' troubles. In the olden days, before the state took up the burden, it was up to the family to take care of older folk. I suspect we're moving back to that model. Do what you can to help; your parents are fortunate to have you.