Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pro-life = pro-death?

Andrew Sullivan on how "current pro-life forces" are actually "pro-death" (echoes of William Saletan):

The great tragedy of the extremism of the current pro-life forces is that they have become de facto pro-death. They allow for the early deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the developing world by opposing condoms in a health emergency; and they add to the number of abortions in America by making emergency contraception hard to find. In their theological abstraction, the logic is perfect and circular. On the ground, they are abetting death.

So by not making abortion (which is essentially what "emergency contraception" is) easier, pro-lifers "add to the number of abortions". I see. (Must be my "theological abstract logic" that has a problem with this.)

I'll concede that a later abortion is more messy (and more painful for the baby) than one done earlier. But to say that an earlier abortion is more life affirming? I don't think so.

Sullivan is giving us the choice of killing in a less or more brutal manner. But it's still killing. If that's the only choice, yes, please, let's spare the baby pain. But it's not the only choice (despite what some abortionists might want you to think).

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